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Casa Blanca

There’s no better time to shine. Quietly, through everyday work and play; dazzlingly, through special moments you want to look and feel your best.

Smart, stylish, and versatile, there’s a Casa Blanca piece for every mood and moment of your life. A touch of modern luxury, a timeless accessory, sleek silhouettes and jewel-like detailing are made with the dedication of over 40 years in quality watchmaking. Founded and based in Singapore.

A brand's Legacy
Humble Beginnings

In the 1980s, Mr Tan established a humble family-run watchmaking company in Singapore which manufactured watches for the masses.

He was driven to produce high quality yet affordable watches for the masses, in a time where luxury was equated with wealth and a show of opulence.

In 2021, his daughter took over the reins. She transformed the look of the watches to meet the needs of modern women - focusing on elegance, minimalism, and versatility while maintaining the core experience and quality.

Our Commitment
Sustainability Efforts

In our efforts to reduce carbon footprint, second-hand bubble wraps and brown paper are used. In addition, we use reusable gift boxes, recycled name cards, and offer packaging options at checkout. We continuously review our processes to be more environmentally friendly.

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