FEATURED: Fadilah, Founder of The Soleil Girl

FEATURED: Fadilah, Founder of The Soleil Girl

Hi Fadilah, tell us about yourself

Hello! I’m Fadilah – I run The Soleil Girl, a slow fashion womenswear label that was incepted in 2019. I’ve lived life driven by purpose and always on a constant pursuit of self-discovery. I love places I’ve never been to and I thrive on deep conversations the most. At heart, I’m a foodie (I have a food bucket list) and love all things fashion. I’m also a toddler girl mama and I absolutely love it! These days, I’m focusing most of my energy on nurturing and just spending the rest of my free time with her. It’s exhausting but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How do you get inspiration for The Soleil Girl?

I’ve been aware of the environmental impacts of fashion for more than a decade since my university days and have always wanted to start an eco-conscious fashion business since. However, circumstances that led me to birthing The Soleil Girl was serendipitous. It wasn’t until I watched The True Cost documentary that opened my eyes to the dark and unethical side of the garment industry. It’s the injustice in the other part of the world that affected girls and women in the industry who are just trying to make a living. It’s something close to my heart because of how I was empowered by my mother growing up.

Fashion wise, I’m into the whole laid-back aesthetics yet chic look, styles that marry comfort and looking put-together with little to no effort. Hence, the vision for The Soleil Girl to create holiday wardrobe staples for the spirited everyday girl. The Soleil Girl is also inspired by some of my favourite Australian labels like Zimmermann, Sir The Label and Lover, impeccable by design in my opinion.

In running the business, I find inspiration in almost everything – going to new places, conversations, culture, architecture and design, newly discovered music, opulence and poverty, joy and grief, beauty in the stillness. Pinterest, Instagram and Tik Tok still blows my mind as a millennial.

How has the perception of time changed over the years for you?

I used to think that I have a lot of time and a whole life ahead of me. But now in my 30s, I’m always reminded that time is fleeting and our time on Earth is impermanent. Perhaps it’s all from the memories accumulated over the years or the astute realisation on the circle of life. The essence of time has allowed me to lean into grace – knowing the seasons to plant my seeds, harvest and slow down to live more mindfully. 

What would you tell your 20-year-old self?

As a recovering perfectionist, I would tell my younger self to go easy on the self-doubt, be brave and do it anyway. Truth is, we will never be 100% ready for anything in life – be it starting a business or raising a child. Just wing it and learn along the way. I wished I knew that if I fail fast, I would have learnt faster instead of waiting for the “perfect” time or opportunity.

What is your favourite quote?

There’s a book I read around 17 or 18 years old which I can’t recall, but there’s a quote from it that has stuck with me ever since – “We don’t do the things we want to do. We do things we have to do. And pretend it’s what we want to do.” It has been my guiding light to always speak my truth and do things in alignment to my values and beliefs. It has freed me mentally in many intersections in life, especially when societal expectations hit.

 Is there any jewelry that you like from us?

I have two watches from the Signature Square collection. I’ve been wearing the Peacock Green Watch for more than 2 years and recently bought the classic white watch from the same collection. That’s how much I love that collection.

I’ve also had the chance to sneak a peek at Casa Blanca’s first accessory collection and their upcoming watch collection. I’m particularly eyeing this earring in the collection; it's something that I can see myself wearing every day. For the upcoming watch collection, the black rose gold watch that I’m seen wearing in the photo is one of the many styles that I like from the collection as well. Its classic and timeless design sensibilities make it something I’d have in my wardrobe rotation for special occasions. It’s an all-round winner for me.